FLEXXperts - A Full Service Firm

FLEXXperts Limited Partnership is a software design and consulting firm dedicated to providing information management solutions to the equipment leasing industry. We are a privately held Partnership located in Wellesley Hills, MA.

FLEXXperts provides both lease processing software and the services necessary to complete and subsequently support a successful implementation.

The FLEXXperts Factor3 distinguishes us from our competitors. The FLEXXperts Factor3 enables your organization to tap into the Professional Power that comes from FLEXXperts Partnership Solutions, FLEXXperts Expertise and FLEXXperts Technology.


Our Expertise in leasing, finance, and information technology has been the hallmark of our organization, and has been critical to our success in developing both our Partnership Solutions and Technology. And it can be critical to your business success in one of the most complex, most tax-ensnarled, and dynamic industries in the world. We have focused our expertise on understanding every nuance in the life cycle of a lease – for every type of asset. With this educated insight, we can demystify the leasing process for you, simplifying leasing management functions and clarifying leasing administration tasks. We provide you with the flexibility that comes from having a choice of power-packed options.


Our Technology enables your organization to keep pace with -- and oftentimes -- ahead of the industry’s latest developments. We help our customers take advantage of new and emerging technologies, enabling them to develop their own innovative processes. With FLEXXperts, you gain a Technology Partner that is committed to the success of you organization now and for years to come.


When you add the FLEXXperts Factor3 to you business processes, FLEXXperts becomes your professional staff – either real or virtual, or a combination of the two. Whatever you need to compete in this lessor-eat-lessor world, we can offer a custom solution to meet that need. And then we can implement it and refine it to meet changing requirements.

For more information about our product suite and/or to schedule a demo, please contact sales@flexxperts.com or call (781) 237-0500.