Benefits of FLEXXperts    DealBuilder include

Automation of Lease   Origination Process
Reduction of Proposal   Turnaround Time
Workflow Enable
Flexible Deal Entry
Powerful Deal
One Time Data Entry
What If Pricing
System Alerts and   Control Mechanisms
Improved Company
  Wide Communication
Accuracy and   Consistency
Object Level Tracking
Integration with   FLEXXperts Deal

Deal Builder - Asset Based Lease and Loan Origination System

FLEXXperts Deal Builder is a powerful, easy-to-use proposal and pre-lease/loan administration system.
The power of Deal Builder lies in its ability to efficiently and effectively move proposals from inquiry to being accepted, and becoming active leases/loans.From initial contact with new customers, or requests from existing customers, FLEXXperts Deal Builder is ready to help you win business.

Deal Builderbrings together the components required to produce timely proposal information and enables successful management and administration of proposals. FLEXXperts Deal Builder is a must have in today's competitive environment.

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