Benefits of FLEXXperts    DealManager include

Flow of Data Centers   Around Life Cycle of a   Deal
Ease-of-Use with   Intuitive Spreadsheet
  Like Interface
My Queries / Group   Queries
Import / Export   Functionality
Improved Customer   Service
Easy Lease/Loan   Revisions
Powerful Query   Functionality
Drive Strategic   Planning Efforts with   Powerful Analytical   Tools
Open System Easily   Integrates with Best of   Breed Third Party   Tools
Object Level Tracking

Deal Manager - Asset Based Lease and Loan Accounting, Administration, Management System

FLEXXperts Deal Manager is an easy-to-use integrated equipment lease/loan portfolio management and accounting system, designed for use within the leasing industry. FLEXXperts Deal Manager provides accurate and timely information resulting in better control of your corporate assets. FLEXXperts Deal Manager is organized around the life cycle of the deal and is the leading asset level accounting solution that provides complete life cycle management in combination with comprehensive lease accounting and administration functionality.

Start by defining your company policies. FLEXXperts Deal Manager can be used throughout all phases of the lease/loan process, from proposal through origination to re-marketing and residual realization. With Deal Manager, you can make changes and revisions at any point in the life cycle of the deal.

A variety of standard Reports and Queries can be accessed to provide you with the financial information that is critical to your business decisions. FLEXXperts Deal Manager easily integrates with Best of Breed third party online analytical processing (OLAP) tools to help you report and analyze critical business information quickly.

Deal Manager includes support for:
Lease/Loan Maintenance
Accounts Receivable Processing
Collections Management
Debt Management
Accounts Payable Processing
Revisions and Terminations
Sales/Use Tax Processing
Fixed Assets
Equipment Sales
Securitization Processing
General Ledger

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