Our Product Suite consists of:

Deal Builder is a proposal management and pre-lease/loan administration system that fulfills the origination function.

Deal Manager is an integrated equipment lease/loan portfolio management and accounting system that enables you to manage your deals and perform your daily, weekly, monthly, and annual tasks.

Deal Analyzer is a tool that provides you with a series of portfolio views that enable you to better manage your deals.


Improving margins through lower costs by providing customized lease management systems at prices that create "economies of scale" as opposed to the volume "vanilla" lease system. Providing a system that ensure consistency of information by automating every phase of the post booking process that includes billing, cash receipt and collections and disbursements together with customer, lease and asset change requests. This results in less time spent training and providing "how to" assistance to employees.


Improving company wide communication - customizable documentation and at a glance annotated notes capability allows customer specific procedures and tips on-line, so guidelines, rules and methods are available to all at the press of a button. Satisfy customer specific invoice requests by being able to simply regulate the level and order of detail displayed on the invoice.


Ability to quickly create and model financial products which are then easily implemented together with specific business, tax and accounting rules necessary to maximize automation, additional service and increased profit opportunities through the availability of extensive upfront, recurring, renewal and remarketing fee assessment and billing options.


Improved customer and vendor relations together with reduced sales booking costs by maximizing automation, eliminating duplicate effort and providing continual real-time updates to a birds-eye-view of the proposal. Reduced turn-around-times by automating processes and enabling workflow capability which allows tasks to be performed in parallel,being a conduit to send information to the best expert systems (or services) such as credit scoring, UCC filing and external collection agencies.


Total cost of money through the availability of robust debt functionality facilitating multiple debt sources each with unique collateral reporting covenants complimented by asset oriented equity / residual financing and proceeds sharing features.


For more information about our product suite and/or to schedule a demo, please contact sales@flexxperts.com or call (781) 237-0500.