Services - Providing Value Added Services To Our Customers

FLEXXperts Limited Partnership is a full service software design and consulting firm dedicated to providing information management solutions to the equipment leasing industry. FLEXXperts provides a full range of services to ensure your success with the FLEXXperts Product Suite. Our global service and support framework enables you to:

Quickly implement and configure the best possible solution.

Integrate processes to make your entire organization more profitable.
Continually improve the efficiency of your system - even as your business changes.

FLEXXperts provides complete implementation services including: planning, installation, training, business process analysis, policy and procedure development, data conversion, migration, and project management. In addition, FLEXXperts also provides 365x7x24 customer support, consulting services, custom application development, and custom report development.

FLEXXperts services are provided by a team of professionals each highly skilled in a specialized area of expertise: administration, finance, leasing, management, and technology.

Whatever the task, our objective is the same: To provide value to our customers by applying the most appropriate skills and technologies in a high quality, cost effective manner.


FLEXXperts Customer Care programs serve as a model of excellence in customer support and employee satisfaction by offering your organization fast, flexible, efficient automated services to conduct a thriving business.

Leverage capabilities such as the FLEXXperts Dedicated Support Center - a resolution process enabling remote viewing of a customer's system for speedy problem diagnosis. From effective business support tools saving time and resources, to knowledgeable consultants bringing rapid problem resolution, FLEXXperts Customer Care delivers streamlined, worry-free support for your real-time, virtual environment.

FLEXXperts Customer Care Representatives are available 365 days a year, 7 days a week, 24 hours per day.


FLEXXperts Dedicated Support Center extends the level of support that FLEXXperts can provide to your organization through the use of a dedicated workstation on-site at your offices. This workstation contains the FLEXXperts Product Suite, along with LapLink .

FLEXXperts Support Team can remotely access the workstation to diagnose and resolve problems. This is accomplished through the use of LapLink which provides the services for communicating between two computers. Additionally, you will need to have a dedicated phone line and modem for the FLEXXperts Dedicated Support Center.

For more information about establishing a FLEXXperts Dedicated Support Center please contact the FLEXXperts Support Coordinator.


The successful implementation of new software at your organization, and the achievement of the Project objectives will be a direct result of the partnership formed between the two Project Teams. The stronger the bond, the more predictable the results.

Our Partnership Solution represents a commitment by FLEXXperts to become a true business resource for your organization, either on-site or off-site. This unification, coupled with effective Project Management, will be the catalyst necessary to properly integrate the leasing operations and eliminate redundant efforts.

Our Partnership Solutions are not based on our perceptions of your requirements, but on our first-hand knowledge of them.

FLEXXperts offers complete implementation services including: planning, installation, training, business process analysis, policy and procedure development, data conversion, migration, and project management.


To meet customers' many different training needs, FLEXXperts provides a comprehensive selection of training services and products. These offerings can be combined in flexible and powerful ways to create a complete training solution. You can create an integrated program that will accelerate learning, meet budget and time constraints and provide a lasting resource. Our curriculum is divided into two broad areas: business training covers lease origination, management, and analysis as well as customized reporting; technical training covers database and system management.

Our training programs evolve over the implementation period. Initially, your core project team will be trained in their respective disciplines. The effectiveness of this first round is validated during acceptance testing. Once the curriculum has been tuned, user groups are trained. We feel a 6 to 1 ratio between student and instructors is the most productive. This classroom training is next supplemented by a desk-to-desk effort where trainers oversee user activity in a real-time production setting. This permits us to fine-tune the training effectiveness. Lastly, we provide expert training for designated staff that covers more complex issues related to the business and technical areas.

Business training covers lease origination, management, and analysis. Technical training covers customized reporting as well as database and system management. Training can be presented both on-site and at our Wellesley Hills Training Center.

FLEXXperts offers two primary methods for training your employees: Train the User and Train the Trainer. . Your company can choose to use these methods independently or jointly.

The Train the User option puts our experts in direct contact with all of your staff. Typically, larger groups of up to 6 people are accommodated in a training session. A strong operational level of system knowledge can be conveyed in this setting.

With the Train the Trainer option, your company will choose 2 - 3 of your most skilled personnel for in-depth training. This smaller and more focused group can gain greater insight into the workings of the system. Armed with this specialized knowledge, this team can then create, with FLEXXperts assistance, the necessary curriculum to train the rest of your staff - now and in the future.

FLEXXperts employs a multi-media training approach in conjunction with extensive hands-on classroom exercises. This approach provides students with the opportunity to apply the theories and principles learned during classroom lectures to your company actual business practices.


FLEXXperts is a proven team of leasing experts. Whether you need specialized consulting and advisory services or a group of your professionals trained in the intricacies of lease accounting and advisory services, or a group of your professionals trained in the intricacies of lease accounting, pricing, credit, tax or legal issues, FLEXXperts is here to serve you.


FLEXXperts provides complete life cycle services for the planning, design and development of client/server based systems with GUI interfaces. FLEXXperts assists clients in choosing the appropriate architecture for their individual information technology needs. Our client/server professionals are highly experienced in a variety of environments including Windows and UNIX, Oracle RDBMS, GUI design, as well as design and development approaches including Object-Oriented Programming and Information Engineering. Our experience has enabled FLEXXperts to become uniquely qualified in architecting single development platforms for multiple client and server environments


The FLEXXperts Product Suite provides you with the ability to add custom documentation to meet your business needs. This custom documentation works in conjunction with the FLEXXperts Product Suite on-line help and print documentation.

For example, you may want to provide a Standard Operating Procedures guide (both on-line and print) to your users. This custom documentation can be created so that it can be viewed on-line while using FLEXXperts Deal Builder, Deal Manager or Deals Analyzer. FLEXXperts can assist you in documenting your organization. s business workflows, policies, procedures, and internal controls. This information can be presented in the form of a hard copy manual that can also be compiled into on-line help that can be incorporated into the FLEXXperts Product Suite.

For more information about our product suite and/or to schedule a demo, please contact or call (781) 237-0500.