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Technology - The Power of Technology

Historically, we have given first priority to the development of the best object-based system in the leasing industry, and to its support. FLEXXperts Products utilize State-Of-The-Art Technologies from Client/Server Systems to Relational Databases to the Internet. We have been successful. Our software has been described by one of our customers as "the most intellectually sound product on the market".

The FLEXXperts Product Suite consisting of Deal Builder and Deal Manager is an integrated system that features a single, secure database of essential business information about the Lessee, the Lease, and the Leased Equipment. It serves as the Lessor's Source of Single Truth, and because it is object-based, it can easily accommodate change and maintain this Single Truth as a constant.

The FLEXXperts Product Suite covers more than the leases life cycle. It also covers the assets life cycle and encompasses a complete range of leasing functions, from proposal preparation and deal creation through lease initialization and asset acquisition to termination and disposition of the asset. However, automation is not the key to remaining competitive, as some in the industry proclaim. In fact, technology for technology's sake, is an outdated, one-dimensional approach that can be disastrous. Automating an ineffective or redundant procedure, for example, serves to undermine the Professional Power that is derived in part from technology. It can even negate the competitive advantage that this market differentiator provides.

Our Technology enables your organization to keep pace with -- and oftentimes -- ahead of the industry's latest developments. We help our customers take advantage of new and emerging technologies, enabling them to develop their own innovative processes. With FLEXXperts, you gain a Technology Partner that is committed to the success of you organization now and for years to come.

As a lessor, you certainly need to harness the Power of Technology because of its potential for consistency, speed, and efficiency. But in today's marketplace, you need more if you are to exploit this potential to the fullest. You need the three-dimensional Professional Power that is the FLEXXperts Factor3.

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